TIRE SMOKIN’ F-550 Diesel Rolls Coal and Smokes All Four Wheels

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Most of our videos here on Ford-Trucks.com show a Ford F-150, F-250 or F-350 racing, pulling, mudding, doing burnouts or just plain rolling coal…but this week’s Tire Smokin’ segment features a modified F-550 flatbed truck doing a burnout and doing donuts in the process of roasting all four of the dual rear wheels.

While we don’t see many Ford F-550 owners doing burnouts and doing donuts, an F-550 flatbed really does make good sense. After all, it has all of the diesel power of the F-250 and F-350 – but this hard working flatbed doesn’t have anywhere near as much weight over the rear wheels as you would have with a normal truck cargo box.

Less weight over the rear wheels means that this F-550 can use its PowerStroke diesel engine (that has obviously been modified based on the amount of diesel smoke rolling from the twin stacks) to do one awesome smoky burnout.

This work ready Ford F-550 pickup sounds great during this stint of unbridled hoonage so crank up your speakers and enjoy! Blow some smoke in the forum.>>

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