V8 Ranger Is a Badass Burnout Machine (Video)

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A Big Engine in a Little Truck Creates an Unstoppable Beast

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features an early Ford Ranger using V8 power to do a big, smokey burnout. The details are short, but we know that this Ranger has a V8 engine, and based on the whine during the burnout, it sounds like this truck might be supercharged. At first, we thought that it might be a very noisy gear drive setup, but when the driver revs the engine at the end of the video, the whine of a gear drive setup isn’t there.

In any case, this particular Ford Ranger burnout video is unique in that unlike so many other burnout videos online, this truck isn’t fitted with tiny, low-end tires. As we can see when the truck rolls past the camera at the end of the video, this Ranger is fitted with some variety of Hoosier tire, and we can see throughout the entire video that the tires are huge. Even with this in mind, this V8 Ranger has no problem putting a serious smokin’ to the big rear skins.

Ford Ranger

The action begins as soon as the video does, with the old Ford Ranger sitting in place as the whiny 302 V8 easily spins the huge rear tires. Within a few seconds, smoke pours out the back and out of the sides. And after keeping the Ranger stationary for a few more seconds, the driver lets the truck roll forward. The big Hoosier tires are hot enough to get a little grip and the driver lets off of the gas to end the smoke show.

This is unfortunately the only video on this YouTube account, as we would love to see more of this Ranger in action. It would be interesting to see if the big Hoosiers and loud V8 make it was quick as it looks and sounds, but in any case, crank up your speakers and enjoy this short burnout video!

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