TIRE SMOKIN’ Turbo F-150 versus E-250 Burnout Compilation

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e250 van burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video is an unusual one, as it is actually two videos spliced together, flipping back and forth between an F-150 that is said to be turbocharged and an E-250 work van.

There is no information on either vehicle shy of what is included in the title, but you don’t need to know much about the F-150 or the E-250 to appreciate a couple of monster burnouts.

When the video begins, the turbo charged F-150 is already smoldering the tires and after a few seconds of that very loud pickup, the video cuts away to the E-250 Econoline van squealing its way to a big burnout. It doesn’t sound like much at first, but be patient.

The video continues to shift back and forth from the boosted F-150 to the work-ready E-250 van, with both Ford vehicles eventually doing monster burnouts. The sound isn’t the best, but there is a tremendous amount of Tire Smokin’ in this video.

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