TIRE SMOKIN’ Tuned F-250 Puts on a Wild Smoke Show

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2005 f250 burnout 600

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 2005 Ford F-150 pickup packing a 6.0L PowerStroke diesel and some fairly minor modifications including an Edge programmer, an exhaust system and a cold air intake package – all of which work together to help this F-250 make some monster torque. In fact, this big Ford truck makes enough power to very easily spin the tires hard – hard enough to create a literal cloud of smoke.

The burnout performed by this 2005 Ford F-250 was so wicked that it filled not just the whole area, but the truck as well. When the F-250 rolls forward out of the massive plume of tire smoke, we can see that the cab of the truck is totally filled with thick, white smoke. The video ends with the truck roaring off into the distance as the cameraman pans back to show the cloud and the black stripes painted on the pavement.  This is one impressive burnout, performed with just an intake, exhaust and tuner on an otherwise stock F-250.

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