TIRE SMOKIN’ Super Clean Old School F-100 Blows the Tires

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f100 burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a super clean classic Ford F-100. I am not sure of the model year, but I believe it to be a 1971 model and while we aren’t sure what engine is under the hood – the sound and the badging make it very clear that it is packing a powerful V8.

The video starts off giving us a fairly awkward view of a burnout from behind, showing us none of the Ford F-100 as rubber clumps up on the camera lens. You might be questioning how you are going to be able to see anything, but be patient – it gets a whole lot better.

After the first short burnout sequence, the video transitions to a walk around piece, giving us a great look at this gorgeous F-100 inside and out. Most importantly, with just over a minute left in the video, the burnout action begins.

As a timer runs in the bottom right corner, we watch this classic F-100 destroy the rear tires – all of the way down to blowing them clean off of the rims.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!


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