Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Monster Ford Bronco Burnouts in Iceland

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There’s been a ton of talk recently about the return of the Ford Bronco, so for this week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday video, we found this great clip of a 4th generation (1987-1991) Bronco doing a series of monster burnouts in Iceland. We don’t know anything about this particular Bronco, but we can see that it’s been modified for improved off-roading – and the big back tires have been swapped out for a set of small tires that are easier (and cheaper) to burn off.

The video begins by showing the Icelandic Ford Bronco doing a pretty impressive burnout from the side. After 15 seconds or so, the burnout comes to an end. Following some conversation, the driver backs up and does another burnout, which turns out to be truly epic. The smoke quickly engulfs the big SUV from the side, but later in the video, we get to see the longer burnout from up front, too.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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