Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Modified Ford F-350 Roasts the Rear – Rubber Tracks? (Video)

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday clip features a Ford F-350 that has been fitted with a set of “Mattracks” that give the big F Series pickup the ability to climb over just about anything. But rather than showing off their capacity to charge through the deepest snow and over the more treacherous obstacles, the driver is doing a big nasty burnout.

In other words, while this Ford F-350 isn’t wearing tires to smoke, it does an absolutely incredible burnout with these expensive alternatives to traditional rubber skins. Items like the Matttracks shown on this Ford F-350 have gotten to be quite popular with the folks who spend lots of time driving in conditions where normal tires aren’t practical.

These basically allow your Ford truck to do anything that a tank can do in terms of accessibility and I have seen videos with both cars and trucks wearing “tracks” doing all sorts of things – from conquering deep snow to storming through woody debris that would certainly kill normal tires. However, I have never seen anything do a monster burnout with tracks so this Ford F-350 burnout is one of the most unique I’ve ever seen.

As an interesting point, notice how different the sound of the spinning track is compared to a normal burnout, as in addition to the purr of the F-350 engine, we get an unusual friction sound that makes this video even more unique.

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