TIRE SMOKIN’ Lifted Diesel F-250 Burnout Competition Run

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features what looks to be a 9th generation Ford F-250 participating in a burnout competition.

There are no details with this video, but it is pretty clearly a burnout competition, it is clearly a heavy duty Ford truck from the 1992-1997 model year with some big tires and a lift kit, and it is clearly packing diesel power.

The combination of those facts would make this truck a likely suspect on our truck pulling or mudding videos, but this high riding F-250 is using its big tires to create massive amounts of smoke.

As the unfortunately blurry video begins, we can hear the event announcer working on the crowd as the 9th gen Ford F-250 prepared to do his burnout. After a couple puffs of diesel soot from the dual stacks, the truck started to really smoke hard as the back tires began to spin.

At first, there is more engine smoke than tire smoke, but as this big F-250 keeps the tires spinning – the smoke engulfs the burnout box later in the video.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy the roar of this diesel powered Ford F-250 burnout.

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