Tire Smokin’ Ford Van is Awe Inspiring

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ford van burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin video features a Ford van from somewhere outside of North America doing an absolutely epic burnout. The title says “Twin Ford V8 work van” and what they mean is that this little van has two 302 cubic inch V8s in the back.

These twin 5.0L engines are mounted side by side, each with their own transmission and their own rear differential, and each engine drives one of the rear wheels. The rear differential housing has two “pumpkins” mated to their own 400 hp V8. That is all sorts of awesome. Those engines likely hurt the working capabilities of this Ford van a bit, but when you have 800 horsepower – who cares?

The video begins by showing the van doing an epic burnout, followed by interior shots of the drivetrain setup – which is what I think really make this video interesting.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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