Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: 2004 Lightning Heads to the Dealer

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Ford Lightning owner tries to do one final massive burnout, but simply can’t.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a 2004 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning, which is about to be traded in at the dealership. The details on this supercharged F-150 are slim, but the video information explains that this Lightning had previously hit three deer, and since then the truck was “never the same.”

But first, one final burnout. Or three.

The video begins with the high-performance pickup doing a quick burnout with a picturesque sunset in the background. After a few seconds of sitting in place and roasting the tires, the driver lets off the brakes and allows the truck to creep forward with smoke wafting behind. Then, he decides to give it another shot.

This second burnout for more smoke, but after a very short “brakestand,” the driver lets the F-150 roll forward and kills the smoke show. However, he lines up for a third and final pass. How do you think it’ll go? Well, we won’t spoil it for ya, so watch the video!

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