Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: Gigantic Lightning Burnout

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Watch a supercharged Ford F-150 SVT Lightning turn rubber into massive amounts of smoke!

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a wicked burnout performed by a second-generation Ford F-150 SVT Lightning. This tire slaying action takes place at the St-Cyprien Toasté festival in Quebec, Canada. Our French is very poor, but based on what Google Translate tells us, the St-Cyprien Toasté festival is a three-day long automotive event in Quebec.


The action starts with the F-150 Lightning sitting in a shoot of sorts, where the driver gets the tires spinning hard before heading out into the open portion of the burnout pit. The driver keeps the F-150 near the camera for almost 30 seconds, and had he stopped there, it would have been an adequate burnout for a feature video.

The driver spends the next minute whipping the back end of this supercharged F-150 Lightning around and around, doing donuts with smoke spraying hard from both rear tires. After 90 seconds or so, the driver stops, checks the condition of the rear tires, and then gets back in for a final session.

Crank up your speakers to hear this blown Lightning scream!

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Video via: [Samuel Cameron]

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