TIRE SMOKIN’ Bronco Race Truck Doing a Monster Burnout

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bronco burnout600

There has been lots of talk of late about the reintroduction of the Ford Bronco and while that appears to be little more than an April Fool’s Joke that some people just didn’t get – this seemed like a good time to feature an old school Bronco in our Tire Smokin’ segment.

This Bronco isn’t a race truck that you would see on TV, but instead this rusted out SUV has been built to compete in figure 8 racing and to do so, it is powered by a 351 cubic inch Windsor V8.

That big, built V8 packed into a Ford Bronco with very little weight over the back wheels makes for one incredible burnout machine, as displayed by the video below.

It isn’t the longest burnout in the world, but this Bronco puts on one incredible smoke show that is well worthy of a second look when you have 30 seconds to spare. If you like burnouts, this rusty old Bronco is sure to put a smile on your face.

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