TIRE SMOKIN’ TUESDAY F-250 in the Burnout Battle

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f250 burnout at gtc

This week’s Tire Smokin’ Tuesday comes from the Metro Detroit area, where a Ford F-250 pickup participates in TruckWars at Gibraltar Trade Center. Gibraltar is a massive indoor flea market that has big car, truck and bike shows all summer long and at their 2013 TruckWarz show, there was a burnout competition. To make sure that there were some big, smoky burnouts that didn’t pose the risk of getting out of hand, all of the trucks are tethered in place. Even if this F-250 wasn’t tied down, the powerful V8 engine under the hood would allow it to do an impressive burnout, but with the truck tied down, this burnout proves to be pretty epic.

This video starts slowly, with a bunch of chatter over the PA system prior to the F-250 burnout. However, once the tires start to spin (or tire, as the case may be), this big Ford creates a tremendous amount of smoke during the span of the 45 second tire smoking session.

Best of all, as the burnout ends, the driver of this Ford F-250 (ignore the F-150 in the description) climbs onto the roof for a quick truffle shuffler. Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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