Tire Smokin’ Thursday: Bronco Does a Pretty Unique Burnout

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An old-school Ford Bronco smokes its tires forwards and backwards.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Thursday” video features a third generation Ford Bronco doing a burnout inside a garage. The downfall to this, is that when the vehicles inches forward it will eventually run out of space and have to call it quits. The driver of this third-gen (1980-1986) Bronco gets around this problem by doing a burnout in both forward and reverse gears, allowing the SUV to work its way back and forth while roasting the rear tires!


We assume this Bronco features a stock 302 V8, and an automatic transmission based on how it sounds in the video. Unfortunately, the description doesn’t mention any specs or modifications.

Although this video by bbsandblasting is recorded in HD the audio quality is awful, so be warned before turning up the volume on your speakers. Still, enjoy the show!

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