302 Ford Ranger Roars, Roasts Tires: Video

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Ford Ranger

MANIC MONDAY: Ford Ranger Powered by 302 Cubic-Inch V8 Is an Unstoppable, Smokey Burnout Machine

This week’s “Manic Monday” video features a Ford Ranger doing a big, smokey burnout. The only information included with this video is that this Ranger is powered by a 302 cubic-inch V8. But, in looking at other videos in this YouTube account, we would say that this is a pretty healthy 302.

In one video, the Ranger is just sitting still with the engine idling. Based on the lope of the exhaust, it is safe to say that this isn’t a junkyard 302 out of an old F-150. In another video, this Ranger takes a shot down the quarter mile. Although the cell phone video doesn’t give us a look at the timer, this little Ford truck seems to move out very well.

In any case, when you put a powerful V8 engine in a small pickup with no weight over the rear wheels, you create a Ford Ranger that will obliterate the rear tires. It appears as though the owner has swapped on some odd wheels with old tires for this monster burnout. And even though these tires look tall in the wheelwell of the lowered Ranger, there is no issue with keeping them smoking for the entire video.

During the burnout, the driver of the 302 Ranger plays with the throttle. Sometimes he lets the RPMs drop down low enough for the wheels to stop. But, this tough truck gets the wheels spinning and smoking hard over and over without breaking a sweat.

The sound is a bit odd, but this Ford Ranger has a nice roar to it. So, crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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