Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: 1970 F-100 Roasts One Tire

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Beautiful cherry red F-100 shows everyone who’s boss.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a 1970 Ford F-100 doing a big, smoky burnout in someone’s driveway. The only real information we have about this truck, is the fact that it does a “mono tire burnout.”

However, even with only one tire spinning, this vintage Ford still does an incredible burnout. We can tell from the sound of the engine that this classic pickup is powered by a V8, which could either be a 302 or 360 small block, or a 390 big block. Based on how healthy it sounds, it’s most likely been modified with a louder exhaust.

As the video begins, the driver eases into the throttle to get the tire spinning. It takes a second for it to do so, but once it does – the smoke quickly begins pouring off. It may not be the most aggressive, impressive, or even smokiest video we’ve ever seen, but it’s commendable for a 47-year-old truck. Don’t you think?

Turn up the volume and enjoy this “mono-burnout!”

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