TIRE SMOKIN’ Rusty 1995 F-150 Beater Keeps on Ticking

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This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 1995 Ford F-150 that is in pretty rough shape. It looks like rear part of the bedside has either rotted away or been cut away.


There is quite a bit of rust scattered across the side of the truck and it appears as though the door, the hood and the front bumper of this F-150 just don’t quite fit right.

I don’t think that the wheels match and I don’t think that it has a tailgate. In other words, this F-150 is a beater, but beaters have a purpose too – and this beater’s purpose is to do a big, smokey burnout.

…And it succeeded with flying colors.

When this 1995 F-150 begins the burnout, the back tires spin quickly and the thick smoke arrives within the first few seconds. Something happens around 15 seconds in, but I’m not sure if it is one of the tires coming apart or if it is more of the truck coming apart.

About 20 seconds in, something happens that causes the lights to begin dimming on and off, and as the video comes to a sudden end, it sounds like the truck expires. However, it did one wicked burnout on the way out.

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