TIRE SMOKIN’ One Tire Fire from a Ranger in a Garage

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ranger garage burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video has a modified looking Ford Ranger doing a big, smoky burnout in a garage.

Doing a burnout in a garage is a great way to make a decent burnout look amazing, as there is nowhere for the smoke to go except up around the sides of the vehicle.

In this case, this little Ranger is all murdered out, doing a one-wheel burnout in the garage. The only things that we know about this 2008 Ranger is that it is lowered, it has Cragar steel wheels and it is powered by the 3.0L V6. I would also say that it seems a little louder than stock, so I suspect that there have been some changes to the exhaust.

That 3.0L V6 made the Ranger a spunky little pickup, but it also packs enough power to spin the one rear tire good and hard for the entirety of this video. Once the smoke begins filling the garage and the taillights turn the smoke bright red, this custom Ranger puts on a heck of a show.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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