TIRE SMOKIN’ Ford Expedition Roasts the Rear Tires

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big expedition burnout

You don’t see a whole lot of full size sport utility vehicles doing big, smokey burnouts, but this week’s Tire Smokin’ video has a 1999 Ford Expedition doing a short yet impressive burnout.

We don’t know anything about this Expedition, but we can tell from the sound that it has a V8 engine and enough power to put a serious thrashing to both rear tires.

The burnout is fairly short, but in the 15 or so seconds that the driver of the Ford Expedition roasts the rear tires, it creates a pretty massive amount of smoke.

I’m sure that this big SUV could have extended the burnout longer and filled the entire lot with smoke, this is a great, short example of what a Ford Expedition and a driver with some motivation to slay tires can do.

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