TIRE SMOKIN’ Ford Explorer Smokes a Donut Until It Pops!

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explorer donut burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a second generation Ford Explorer doing a peg leg burnout – with a compact space tire, better known as a donut.

I have seen enough burnouts from this generation Explorer with normally sized tires to know that the 6-cylinder engine will do a big, smoky burnout with a factory tire size, but the tiny little donut allows this old school Ford SUV to do an epic burnout.


This Ford Explorer video actually has a series of burnouts, with each getting more and more extreme. As this Explorer screams for the torture to stop, smoke pours from the undersized tire, but as the Explorer rolls forward, the first burnout comes to a stop.

However, the second burnout is smokier and longer, as the driver lets the SUV roll away as the tiny tire continues to smoke.

As the Explorer comes to a stop off in the distance, we hear the tire give out. Surprisingly, this Explorer doesn’t give out in the process of this filming, so it lived to do another burnout.

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