Tire Smokin’ Tuesday: 2004 F-150 = Burnout Machine

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Handsome F-150 shows you don’t need a monster engine to do a monster burnout.

This week’s “Tire Smokin’ Tuesday” video features a 2004 Ford F-150. This footage comes courtesy of fudgeman333, who’s finishing off a set of tires he considers “garbage.” In most cases, people don’t like their tires because they perform poorly in one way or another, but every tire has the potential to do great burnouts on the right vehicle. Fortunately, a 5.4L V8-powered truck with relatively little weight over the rear wheels is the right vehicle.

The video begins with the 2004 Ford F-150 smoking the tires in place – or at least only inching forward. At first, there isn’t a whole lot of smoke, but as the camera moves around to the back of the truck, the smoke begins to accumulate heavily on the driver’s side.


During the first 30 seconds or so, we can see that the F-150 has pushed forward a good 8-10 feet while smoking the tires. However, the second half of the video is where the tire slaying really kicks it up a notch!

We won’t spoil the fun for ya, so click on the video and enjoy the action!

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