TIRE SMOKIN’ 1974 Ford Bronco Drag Tire Burnout

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74 bronco burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 1974 Ford Bronco that was using for drag racing duties back in the day before spending a long time sitting around.

The video shows what the description claims to be the first burnout for this classically cool Bronco in some 10 years and best of all, the owner is doing this first modern era burnout on Goodyear drag radials rather than old, worn out tires – which goes to show just how well this old school SUV can roast the rears.

We don’t know much about this cool old Bronco, but we know that it has a 351 Windsor V8 and it has spent some time on drag racing duties. Its hard to say how quickly it might get down the quarter mile, but I’m sure that it is pretty light and based on the ease with which it spins the drag radials on rough, dry pavement – I would guess that it packs enough power to lay down respectable quarter mile times. Even if it isn’t the fastest truck at the track, it is certainly one of the coolest.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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