TIRE SMOKIN’ 1962 Ford Econoline Van Destroys Tires in a Garage

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econoline burnout

This week’s Tire Smokin’ video features a 1962 Ford Econoline Van doing a massive, smoky burnout in a garage with the door open.

We know that this little beast has a Windsor 351 cubic inch V8 and while we don’t know what else is done to the engine or the van, there is no question that this burnout is worthy of 37 seconds of your day.

The video starts off with the Ford Econoline Van sitting in a small, two car garage, where we get a great look at the green and white front end, the white and blue flames on the side and the old school wheels that preserve the retro-cool van feel.

While the background heavy metal blares away, this 351 powered Ford van begins to smoke the tires and the driver keeps the rear wheels spinning until the smoke has crawled over the roof and filled the garage.

I wish that we could hear the engine roar during the burnout, but this is still an awesome example of an old school Ford van getting smoky.

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