THROWBACK VIDEO Mr. Majestyk Flies in a 1968 Ford Truck

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Majestyk truck still

This week’s Throwback video is a unique Ford truck commercial from the mid-1970s, which features scenes from the Charles Bronson movie Mr. Majestyk.

Now, I have never seen Mr. Majestyk, but when I saw that it had Charles Bronson and the IMDB description of “A melon farmer battles organized crime and a hit man who wants to kill him” – there is no way that it isn’t an awesome flick.

Best of all, the movie seemed to feature a whole lot of high flying antics with a 1968 Ford pickup and those scenes showing the old school Ford truck being abused were used for a commercial around the time that Mr. Majestyk was in theaters.

While it is odd for an automaker to make a commercial in one decade showing a truck from the previous decade, the scenes from Mr. Majestyk are so awesome that it ends up making sense to have a mid-1970s TV commercial showing a used Ford truck from 1968 beaten by on the big screen.

Just like so many Charles Bronson movies, this Ford truck ad is awesome in its own special way.

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