Throwback Video: Ford Aerostar Compared to the Space Shuttle

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This week’s Throwback video features a commercial from 1985 in which Ford Motor Company was talking up their new Aerostar minivan. For years, Ford had dominated the full size van segment, but with the popularity of the then-new Chrysler minivans in the early 1980s, Ford offered up the Aerostar as an alternative to the Dodge Caravan.

Obviously, the Motor Company wanted their minivan to be the most popular in the segment, so they worked hard to make it what consumers wanted – roomy, fun to drive and aerodynamic. In fact, it was so aerodynamic that Ford compares the shape to a space shuttle in this commercial.


While Ford has essentially given up on the minivan segment to focus on the Transit Connect, this cheesy 80s commercial shows how hard they were trying to sell the Aerostar back before minivans had all of the negative soccer mom stereotypes.


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