THROWBACK VIDEO Australian Ad Shows Explorer Coming to the Rescue

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aussie 2000 ford explorer ad

This week’s Throwback video heads Down Under the Australia, where we get to watch a commercial for 2000 Ford Explorer.

This spot starts off with a dad driving through what I imagine is the Australian Outback with his kids in the back of his Explorer while a police vehicle appears to be chasing them at very close range.

The Explorer easily traverses some rough terrain, staying ahead of the specially outfitted police SUV in the process. Regardless of the obstacle at hand, the Explorer never falters, but neither does the police vehicle.

However, as the Explorer and the police vehicle reach the top of a large hill climb, both vehicles come to a stop and the officer gets out and puts on his “about to write a ticket hat.”

That is when we learn that the cop wasn’t chasing the Explorer but rather, the Ford SUV was towing the rugged police vehicle. Best of all, this rough and ready Explorer did this work with what Americans know as the base V6, since the V8 was not available in Australia in 2000.


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