THROWBACK VIDEO 2001 Ford Ranger Scores One for the Goalie

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2001 ranger hockey ad

This week’s Throwback video features an interesting 2001 Ford Ranger ad, which takes an unusual approach to drag attention to the popular midsized pickup.

The video begins with someone carrying a coupe hockey bags and sticks out of an ice rink, loading most of the equipment into the bed of the Ranger XLT, including the goalie sticks. The goalie then throws the skates and mask into the truck and climbs in, removing the hood of her sweatshirt and showing us that the goalie is actually an attractive woman – one who is missing a tooth, presumably because she plays hockey.

Of course, it should be ignored that by the time this 2001 Ranger commercial was introduced, no one playing ice hockey would be wearing a Nightmare on Elm Street metal goalie mask and if she was wearing that mask, how would she lose a tooth? Also, the skates are the type that a forward or defense man would wear, so she has the wrong skates to be playing goaltender, but I think that the point of the video is that tough people drive Rangers and sometimes those tough people are women…or something.

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