THROWBACK VIDEO 1997 Expedition Climbs the Highest Mountains

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1997 expedition commercial 600

This week’s Throwback video features a television ad for the 1997 Ford Expedition, which is able to climb to the peak of a very tall, very snowy mountain.

The video begins by showing a helicopter flying through a very mountainous area and as it flies over a snowy peak, two extreme skiers jump out of the chopper, attacking the crazy terrain that seems to be so remote that only you can only get there by air.

As the two skiers come to a stop, they are shocked by something that they passed on the way down the hill, which we find out is a couple of other skiers who have driven to the top of this mountain in their new Ford Expedition.

Now, I imagine that very, very few 1997 Ford Expedition owners out there who ever took their huge SUV off-roading at all – let alone driving it to the top of a remote mountain – but this commercial highlights the fact that in the Expedition, you can go on an expedition.

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