THROWBACK VIDEO 1988 Ford Bronco II Goes Upscale

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1988 bronco ii ad

When the Ford Bronco II was first introduced, the Motor Company had hoped to attract the type of buyers who would take it off-roading while driving back and forth to college classes, but when the 1988 Bronco II arrived – the automaker took a whole different approach to marketing the smaller of the Ford SUVs.

This week’s Throwback video features a 1988 Ford Bronco II ad, which starts off by showing a pair of affluent looking people who appear to be in their 30s coming out of a nice restaurant and getting in to their new Bronco II. From there, we see the new Bronco II hooked to a very large boat while the owner does adult things with his kids – like boating, having a picnic and leaving grandma’s house on a snowy night – rather than the older Bronco II ads that showed the little SUV tearing up the trails.

Ford went upscale with the 1988 Bronco II and that is clearly reflected in their marketing, which portrays the Bronco II as the ideal vehicle for the growing family unit.

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