THROWBACK VIDEO 1984 Bronco II Runs with the Horses

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bronco ii 1984 ad

This week’s Throwback video introduces the all-new 1984 Ford Bronco II. After the success of the larger Bronco combined with the push for smaller, more efficient vehicles, Ford Motor Company offered up the Bronco II starting in 1984.

The company wanted buyers to know that this smaller Bronco II was just as capable as the larger Bronco, so this classic commercial shows the smaller SUV doing everything that the big SUV does and more.


This 1984 Ford Bronco II ad shows the little sport utility vehicle conquering the dirt, steep hills, deep snow and even squeezing through a narrow gap on a rocky trail – something that the larger Bronco would not have been able to do. The little Bronco II didn’t have the success or the lifespan of the larger models, but this commercial shows why the smaller SUV was such a hot seller back in the day.

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