Throwback Video: Ranger Grows into Bigfoot

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bigfoot commercial

This week’s Throwback video features a clip that is allegedly a 1980s commercial for Bigfoot. The odd part is that there is really no advertising in it, other than showing the truck crushing the cars, and the video is a minute and 18 seconds long.

bigfoot2Commercials are usually 30 or 60 seconds and they normally have a message – like advertising Bigfoot toys or a Sunday-Sunday-Sunday monster truck event. I wonder if this video shows a segment from a movie or television program, but that doesn’t really matter.

Whether this is a commercial for Bigfoot or a clip from a longer program, it is pretty awesomely 80s. It starts off showing a guy sitting in a little blue Ford Ranger, stuck in a miserable traffic jam with no hope of moving in sight. When his Casio LCD digital watch beeps at him, he has seemingly had enough; so he holds a pack of cigarettes (or something?) up to his head and his Ranger begins to grow.

The little Ford grows and then explodes – into the Bigfoot monster truck. The guy then drives his Bigfoot over all of the cars in his way and we can only assume that he stood a better chance of getting where he needed to go, on time.


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