THROWBACK VIDEO Original Ford Bronco TV Ad is Cheesy and Awesome

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1966 bronco commercial 600

Bronco! Bronco! Ford Bronco!

This week’s Throwback video brings you the first television commercial for – you guessed it – the Ford Bronco. This lengthy TV spot would have first aired sometime in 1966 and it offers us a great look both at how much automotive marketing has changed, but also how people looked so differently at SUVs back in the day.

I mean, while we all consider the Ford Bronco to be a rough and tumble SUV that helped OJ Simpson become famous again well after his football career ended, the first Bronco commercial actually billed it as a four wheel drive sports car. Seriously – they actually call it a four wheel drive sports car.

Bugatti, eat your heart out.

Interestingly, while the commercial repeatedly calls the 1966 Ford Bronco a sports car, the announced focused on the aspects that make the Bronco – and all SUVs – as popular as they are today.

Of course, the ’66 Bronco also has the extra cool factor of the removable top and the powerful “new” V8 with a whopping 200 horsepower.

I love vintage auto commercials and, in my opinion, this 1966 Ford Bronco spot is one of the best I’ve seen. Enjoy.

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