Throwback Video: Meet the Ford F-9000

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ford super phallus ad

There are a great many negative stereotypes about full sized truck owners and this week’s Throwback video features a spoof commercial that wraps all of those stereotypes into one very funny advertisement for what is actually just an older Ford F-150.

The Ford F-9000 Super Phallus commercial starts off with the “star” of the video explaining that his old truck wasn’t strong enough when he had to stop an aircraft carrier (a boat) from destroying a church full of kittens – and that is how this beer swilling fella came to own the F-9000 Super Phallus.

Fake celebrity spokesman Stan Mack explains that the F-9000 Super Phallus has more torque than every Toyota truck, ever, but more importantly, the Toyota has “parts made by Al Queda”. He also explains that the Super Phallus has a breathalyzer built in that only lets you drive when drunk as well as a special bru-sh guard designed for running over Taliban members (even though the truck in the commercial doesn’t have a brush guard at all). Most importantly, the Ford F-9000 Super Phallus repels RPG (rocket propelled grenade) attacks…you know, all of the things that a truck needs to do in order to be a proper ‘Murican pickup.

Again, this is a spoof making fun of the common truck owner stereotypes, but there is no question that this commercial for the Ford F-9000 Super Phallus is a pretty humorous piece. Enjoy!

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