Throwback Time: Meet the 1980 Ford Lineup

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This week’s Throwback video features a commercial for the 1980 Ford brand lineup – welcoming us to the 80s and the “better ideas from Ford”.

This classic commercial features the 1980 version of the Thunderbird, the F Series, the Fairmont, the Mustang and even the Festiva. There is also a typically 80s jingle in the background with people signing about the 1980 Ford lineup, but take a close look at the technology on display in this commercial. The digital gauges of the Thunderbird, the first automatic overdrive transmission and a push button keypad – all ages before these items became common across many other brands and models.

1980 ford commercial

The 1980s are generally regarded as being a dark era in American automobiles, but even when the industry was a its worst, Ford Motor Company was introducing innovations years ahead of the competition.

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A classic Ford ad from the past:


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