John Riggins Signature Edition Ford F-250

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riggins f250

Hall of Fame fullback John Riggins is best known for his storied career with the Washington Redskins, including a league MVP, a Super Bowl MVP and, of course, a ring from Super Bowl XVIII, but most people have probably forgotten about the John Riggins Signature Edition Ford F-250.

The video doesn’t specify the year, but some online research leads me to believe that between 2,000 and 2,500 of these specially designed Ford F-250 pickups were made for the 1986 model year. Riggins’ final season with the Redskins came in 1985, so it seems that these trucks were built to pay tribute to the end of his legendary career.

The Riggins F-250 features unique dark red paint, gold inlay striping and his signature on the bedside. In this video, Riggins shows how he really wanted his truck to look after showing us what Ford went with on the production version.



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