2 Plumbers, 1 Van: Ford Hypes 2016 Transit Van with Humor

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Offbeat 2016 Ford Transit commercial is a humorous example of how automakers promote unique vehicles.

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video comes to us from the Richmond Lincoln Ford YouTube channel, and it features a commercial for the 2016 Ford Transit. This four-minute video walks us through the day of a plumber and his bumbling apprentice while showing off the functional advantages of the Motor Company’s modern full-size van.

Transit Plumber Van

Online Advertising Advantages

This 2016 Ford Transit commercial is more like a four-minute skit featuring a pair of plumbers going through their daily routine. In traditional television advertising, the automaker only has 30-to-60 seconds to provide the consumer with as much information as possible because that is the normal length of TV ad spots. In some cases, those commercial stretch to two minutes, but that is rare.

On the other hand, internet commercial can be as long as the company wants, provided that they are interesting enough to keep the attention of the viewer. In the case of this Ford Transit commercial, the company spends four minutes keeping our attention with the humor of the plumbers while showcasing the function of the big van.

Commercial Vehicles Need Unique Advertising

The Ford Transit may appeal to some of your average consumers, but for the most part, this is a vehicle marketed to commercial customers. The big Ford van doesn’t need to draw the attention of normal shoppers, so the company took an atypical approach to marketing the vehicle. Figure that most commercial buyers are going to research their new van online rather than in TV commercials, and when searching online for Ford Transit information, this commercial is likely to draw their attention.

Sure, the goofy plumbers aren’t going to sell any vehicles, but the commercial makes a viewer laugh as he or she is shown the functionality of the Transit at the same time.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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