Throwback Thursday: 5 Ford Truck Commercials From the ’80s

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Back in 1985 Ford had a handful of great trucks to show-off, and they did so with five great commercials!

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” video is a compilation of five different television commercials for the Ford Truck family from in 1985. While today’s Ford truck lineup is composed of the F-Series and Transit vans, back in 1985 Ford had the compact Ranger, the Bronco II, the full-size Bronco and, of course, the F-Series pickups. Since Ford had more trucks to talk about back then, they made more truck-based television commercials. Today we bring you a look at five commercials put together in one video!


The first commercial features the entire 1985 Ford truck lineup in action, including the Bronco, the Bronco II, the Ranger and the F-Series. As well as a quick look at one of the early Bigfoot F-250-based monster trucks playing in the mud!

The second commercial shows a 1985 F-150 being driven on the moon by an astronaut, the third commercial showcases the 1985 Ranger with the help of football star Doug Flutie, and the fourth commercial relies on Night Court star Richard Moll. Moll even pretends to be an alien with x-ray vision who is memorized by the 1985 Ranger… odd.

Finally, this compilation video ends with another full lineup TV commercial for the 1985 Ford truck division. It’s a bit more traditional, but it sure is a crowd pleaser.

Although these commercials are all more than 30-years-old, it’s interesting how today’s Ford truck commercials follow the same basic direction as they did back in the ’80s.

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