Throwback Thursday: Ford Ranger with a ‘Baywatch’ Spin

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Baywatch is Coming Back, and so is the Ranger. So, We Could See a Modern Take on this Nineties Combo Commercial

The Ranger is expected to return to the Ford Motor Company’s North American lineup sometime around 2020, and the new Baywatch movie is slated to arrive in theaters this coming May, starring, coincidentally enough, Ford spokesman Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. So, it seems like a fitting time to find a commercial that shows off the Ford Ranger by capitalizing on the popular Baywatch franchise.

Believe or not, there is actually an older Ford Ranger commercial that used the original Baywatch TV series to show off the functionality of the compact pickup. Therefore, for this week’s Throwback Thursday,” we take a look at that awesomely-’90s commercial.

The original Baywatch TV show – packed full of beautiful women running on the beach in bathing suits – ran from 1989 through 1999. The prime-time drama followed a group of lifeguards in L.A. County as they did their best to keep SoCal beaches safe while looking beautiful doing it. Starring Pamela Anderson and David Hasselhoff, the show was a huge hit. Because of the show, real-life lifeguards became celebrities of sorts. And with some of these folks using a Ford Ranger, the Motor Company turned to a group of professional lifeguards to talk up the usefulness of the small truck.

The commercial is filmed much like the Baywatch TV series, with a bunch of shaky, jumpy camera work as the lifeguards talk about how much they like the Ford Ranger that they use every day. Of course, in fine Baywatch fashion, the group picked to talk about the Ranger – both male and female – are all as attractive as the members of the TV show cast.

Sure, the commercial is cheesy now. But back in 1995, the Baywatch craze would have made this commercial perfect for appealing to young, active — and impossibly good-looking — truck buyers.

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