THROWBACK VIDEO Ford F-350 Hauls a Toyota Land Cruiser

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f350 carries land cruiser

This week’s Throwback video once again takes us to Australia, where we check out a 1980s Ford heavy duty truck commercial featuring an F-350 and a Toyota Land Cruiser.

If you have watched any Crocodile Hunter, you know that the Land Cruiser is a very popular truck Down Under, so to show off how tough the then-new F-350 pickup was, Ford loaded a Land Cruiser into the bed of one.

Once the Toyota pickup was strapped down across the bed of the F-350, the big Ford truck attacked a large rock hill and thanks to a long list of features like a powerful 5.0L V8 gas engine, the big American truck has no issue hauling the little Land Cruiser to the top of the heap.

Just like the Ford F Series commercials in the United States that showed the different trucks hauling a Chevy while towing a Dodge, this Aussie F-350 commercial takes straight aim at a key competitor and carries It off into the distance.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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