Best Ford Truck Ever Built? (Video)

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THROWBACK THURSDAY: Angry Wasps. Murky Mud. Fire. A Crash! This Awesome ’80s Ford F-250 is Virtually Unstoppable!

This week’s “Throwback Thursday” focuses on a classic video clip featuring a late ’80s Ford F-250 with a diesel engine. It is being touted as the “best Ford truck ever built.” The owner of this truck must be a believer. After all, no newer truck could take a ton of abuse and come away running like a champ.

To prove his point, the owner of this 1987-1989 Ford F-250 made this video showing the truck being exposed to some brutal exercises. Included in the mix is the truck storming through deep water, climbing a nearly vertical wall and hitting a couple cars head on – driving right up over them. Oh, he sets the inside of the fuel door on fire, too.

The video begins with the driver attempting to get the Eighties Ford F-250 diesel to start. After letting the glow plugs warm up for a minute, the F-250 fires right up – much to the owner’s pleasure. Before taking the truck for a ride, he realizes that there is a big wasp nest on the back of the fuel filler door. So, he sprays some accelerant on the nest and hits it with the torch. He soon sets a small fire next to the gas cap.

After that odd bit of abuse, the driver of this old Ford F-250 takes to the dirt to show off. He storms through a muddy field. The video jumps to a view of this F-250 backing out of a lake with water deep enough to submerge the top of the bed. This is followed by a hard run up a steep embankment. Then, it’s another run through the deep water. The F-250 then hits a Dodge Daytona head on. The impact shoves the hood of the small car against the windshield as the high-riding Ford drives right up onto the car.

After the car crushing event – which would have destroyed any modern truck – we get another minute of this awesome ’80s F-150 charging through deep water. It then goes up the steep embankment in reverse, making short work of deep mud.

The owner is right, no modern truck could be set on fire, driven under water, climb a sheer dirt wall and hit a small car head-on without falling apart. So, by this criteria, this Ford F-250 really might be the best Ford truck ever.

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