Throwback Thursday: Firefighters Love the Ford F250

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This week’s Throwback Thursday only takes us back to the fall of 2016, but considering the subject matter, it seems like a great fit for a FordTrucks feature. In this video, a group of firefighters talks about the rigors of their job and how well a Ford F250 Super Duty is able to accommodate the extreme needs of a fire department in one of the most heavily-hit areas in the US when it comes to wild fires.

It seems like every year, we hear about southern California being pounded by fast-moving wild fires, making fire departments in that area particularly busy in what one fireman refers to as “fire season”. This video includes several firefighters from the Orange County fire department offering their first-hand account of working the job that they love, but it also looks at one particular vehicle – the Ford F250.

Like many fire departments, Orange County has large fire trucks with all of the workings needed to battle a blaze, but the OCFD also has some pickup trucks for other fire department tasks. One firefighter talks about how the capable suspension of the F250 allows for a smooth ride, making it a great truck to transport someone with broken bones to safety while another talks about how the power of the F250 allows them to rush away from a dangerous situation in a wild fire.

As the firefighters talk about their first hand experiences with the F250, we see a collection of the OCFD F250 tearing down the road and conquering dirt trails – just like it does when the crew is headed out to fight a fire or when they are headed to the hospital with an injured hiker.

In the end, when the Ford F250 Super Duty is fighting a fire with the Orange County Fire Department, it is working harder than most private owners will ever need it to – and it comes through with flying colors.

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