Throwback: Bret Saberhagen Raps about Ford Trucks

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saberhagen ford ad

This week’s Throwback video might just be one of the strangest Ford truck commercials that I have ever seen.

Back in 1985, 21-year old Bret Saberhagen was arguably the best pitcher in Major League Baseball, having led the Kansas City Royals to a World Series title, taking home the American League Cy Young award and the World Series MVP award in the process.

mvpWith Saberhagen’s success, it made good sense for Ford Motor Company to ask him to do a commercial, but the format of the commercial was very strange.

Rather than having Saberhagen talk about new Ford trucks, he is spitting rhymes – rapping about the 1985 Ford truck lineup.

Even if you aren’t a baseball fan, this is obviously an unusual commercial with a young baseball superstar busting rhymes about Ford pickups, so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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