Watch a Baby Giant Gorilla Go Ape Over Ford Ranger

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This week’s Throwback video features an ad for the Ford Ranger that comes from somewhere outside of the United States.

I don’t recognize the language in the video, but there are subtitles, so you know what the giant gorilla is saying to its giant gorilla baby when the baby steals the Ford Ranger of a man peeing on the side of the road. It sounds crazy and it kind of is, but this Ford Ranger ad is the kind of video that seems absolutely perfect for our Throwback Thursday segment.

giant gorilla ranger adWhile it is ridiculous, this video shows just how tough the Ford Ranger was, as the baby giant gorilla smashes it against a mountain over and over while the parent giant gorilla demands that the baby eat its food.

When the baby refuses, the parent stomps the Ranger into the ground, but when he pulls it back out, it is barely damaged.

The Ford Ranger – so tough that even a giant gorilla cannot damage it.

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