THROWBACK VIDEO Singing Salesman & a Ford Shaggin’ Wagon

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schmerler ford van ad

Advertising back in the 1980s was cheesy at the national level, but when it comes to small-town regional ads, the sky is the limit.

This 1985 Ford Econoline ad from Chicago-area dealer Schmerler Ford, where dealership boss Harry Schmerler sings us into the commercial.

The jingle and the commercial itself are cheesy and fun, but the vehicle being advertised is worth being featured on its own – as this is most certainly what I would consider to be a shaggin’ wagon and I imagine that many of you will agree.

For just $11,888, the Ford Econoline van shown in this commercial could have been yours back in 1985, and that price includes the awesome brown-on-brown exterior paint, the beige curtains throughout the cabin, the fold-out sleeper sofa, the table, swivel captain’s chairs and screened in windows – making this Ford van more like a motor home than your average full sized van.

Vans like this 1985 Ford have become a thing of the past, as have dealership owners like Harry Schmerler so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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