Throwback Thursday: 98 Pound Jackie Logan Drives the 1954 Ford

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1954 ford truck ad

This week’s Throwback Thursday video takes us back to 1954, where Ford was showing off their new pickup by featuring a 98 pound woman named Jackie Logan. I don’t know who this woman is so I’m not sure if there is some significance to her driving the 1954 Ford, of it the point was that the 1954 Ford truck was so easy to drive – even a tiny woman could do it.

We don’t get any real details on the 1954 Ford truck shown in the commercial, but Miss Logan points out that it drives as easily as a passenger car, with plenty of space, plenty of visibility, the Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission and power brakes.

Compared to earlier work-rated trucks, the inclusion of the automatic transmission and the power brakes likely made the 1954 Ford truck a breeze to drive and in watching the loaded-up pickup drive away at the end of the video, it appears to ride pretty smoothly as well.

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