1985 F-250 Shows Off Suspension Mods

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85 f250 flex 600

This week’s Throwback video is a short, sweet piece featuring an obviously modified 1985 Ford F-250 pickup showing off the extent and result of his suspension modifications.

To do so, the owner is driving this murdered out F-250 through a small roadside ditch. This simple obstacle would have a great many trucks dragging in the front and the back while also bottoming out over the hump on the other side, but due to the massive amounts of suspension travel, this ¾ ton Ford pickup is able to traverse the ditch without any problem.

There really isn’t any sound so if you are looking to quietly kill some time at work by watching a 1985 Ford F-250 flexing its suspension setup, you should enjoy this short video.

Suspension action aside, this blacked out ’85 F-250 has been nicely upfitted to look like one mean offroad vehicle right down to the Mossy Oak camo stripe around the tail end.

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