2016 Ford Ranger Saves the Day: Throwback Thursday

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2016 Ford Ranger

T6 rescues crowded bus full of kids in Thailand commercial.

The Ford Ranger is slated to return to the North American lineup in or around 2019. When it does, it will be based on the Ranger T6, which is currently available in many markets around the world, just not in the USA. The Ranger T6 was introduced back in 2011, with the design and engineering work being handled by Ford’s Australian branch. This “foreign development” has some skeptics questioning whether or not a T6-based Ranger can succeed in the North American market, where the world’s toughest trucks are built.

Fortunately, the Ford Ranger T6 has been engineered to be a great truck on-road and off, and this week’s “Throwback Thursday” shows off the capabilities of that midsized truck which has proven to be very popular around the world. While it is engineered in Australia, this commercial was made for the local market in Thailand and it shows the Ranger T6 saving the day by preventing a bus full of little kids from driving into a potentially deadly situation.

The video begins with a couple of guys cruising along a twisty road in a 2016 Ford Ranger, passing a large bus full of kids before speeding off into the distance. After a short time, the guys in the Ranger come upon an area where the road has collapsed, leaving a steep cliff where the road should have been. The Ranger is able to sneak around the hole in the road. However, knowing that the bus would not be able to pull off the same maneuver, the guys in the small Ford pickup sprang into action.

With the help of shift-on-the-fly four wheel drive, the driver of the 2016 Ford Ranger is able to drive down a steep incline, doubling back around to the area just before the hole in the road. As the bus approaches the turn ahead of the hole in the road, the two guys from the Ranger run up with road flares – stopping the bus and saving the day.

The key point here is that, like the Ford F-150, the Aussie-engineered Ranger T6 should prove to be a great off-road vehicle.

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