Throwback Thursday: 2006 F-150 Gives a Serious Flame Job

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2006 F-150

This 2006 F-150 Is Super Hot!

This week’s Throwback Thursday video features a TV commercial for the 2006 Ford F150. In this ad, the Ford Motor Company looks to show off their new heat-activated chassis insulation. This insulation works after being installed during the early stages of chassis production, as small packages. When the chassis is heated, these small packs burst, consequently filling the channels of the body structure with a thick foam that helps keep the cabin quiet.

To show how the 2006 F-150 heat sensitive sound insulation works, a guy in a flame-retardant suit bangs on the chassis with a hammer. He then steps away as two huge streams of fire pour over the framework of the half-ton pickup truck. Then a computer-generated clip of the insulation expanding inside the chassis is shown. Mr. Flame Suit comes back for another whack at the skeleton of the 2006 F-150. Lastly, there is no echo at all, showing how this foam helps to quiet down the cabin despite the conditions.

Ford has done an exceptional job at moving forward with industry-changing technologies. Aluminum is just one of them. No other truck builder is using aluminum, and that makes Ford a real trendsetter in this ruthless business of building cars and trucks.

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Video via: [CPQ5360]

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