THROWBACK VIDEO 2004 F-150 – “A Truck Like This”

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2004 f150 truck like this

This week’s Throwback video takes us back to 2004, when Ford Motor Company wanted to remind us where the team got the inspiration for the new F-150 pickup.


It can be argued that there is no type of vehicle that is constantly being improved upon based directly on customer feedback than the full size truck segment and to stay ahead of the crowd, Ford Motor Company designs every feature of the modern F-150 after hearing from owners. Back in 2004, Ford wanted to stress the fact that customer input had such a huge impact on the design of future models, that they put together the ad below.


In this 2004 Ford F-150 ad, the voiceover guy talks about how the truck isn’t built in the factory, but in the work sites and on the roads. The F-150 is assembled in the plant, but it is built based on the needs and wants of every truck owner.

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