Throwback Video: 1997 Ford Explorer Ad Shows Extreme Capabilities

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1997 aussie explorer

This week’s Throwback video features an Australian advertisement for the 1997 Ford Explorer. While the Explorer down under was right-hand drive, the Aussie Explorer offered many of the same features as the North American version. Specifically, this commercial focuses on the intelligent four wheel drive system – a system that thinks.

With the help of Control Trac four wheel drive, the 1997 Explorer in this video is traversing some of the roughest terrain possible, blasting through water and across breaks in the road. At one point, the right rear wheel even slides off of the steep rocky road, but the Explorer’s high tech 4WD system is able to pull the SUV to safety.

In the end, we see that the 1997 Ford Explorer has been climbing a massive version of Le Penseur’s “The Thinker”, all thanks to the intelligent 4WD system.

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